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Training for your Commercial Pilot Licence with Cornwall Aviation can open doors to many exciting careers. A career in aviation can lead to exciting travel destinations around the globe.  The Commercial Pilot Licence will allow you to “work for hire” and can be the gateway to jobs in many related areas.

Some people earn the Commercial Pilot Licence with the intention of pursuing an instructor rating, to teach and share their knowledge with others. Other graduates continue their flight training with the Multi and IFR ratings, learning to fly twin engine aircraft with reference to instruments. These ratings can allow them to pursue work in the charter and airline fields.

Whether you want to start a career, or just improve your knowledge and skill level, the Commercial Pilot Licence is a serious step toward achieving your goal.

Transport Canada minimum training requirements include:

80 Hours Ground School
35 Hours Dual Flight Training
30 Hours Solo Flight Training

Flight Experience:

200 hours Total time, including 100 Hours Pilot In Command

Transport Canada exams include:

Commercial Pilot Written Examination and Commercial Pilot Flight Test

While building their flight experience hours, some students begin the Multi and IFR training. To enrol in the Commercial Pilot Licence flight training, the student must have a Category I aviation medical.