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Private Pilot License

Private Pilot Licence and Recreational Pilot Permit

When your aircraft leaves the ground, with your hands on the controls, you will experience a feeling so special that it can only be called FLYING!

Cornwall Aviation specializes in flight training for a hobby or career, done at your pace, and on your schedule.

Our audio visual ground school, and on line examination centre, make it easy to fit ground training into your busy life style. The multiple choice written test, with no paragraphs to write, can be done at the school.

Private and Recreational flight training is available seven days a week, during daylight hours and in decent (VFR) weather. The school has nine aircraft in its fleet, including seven single engine aircraft, the two seat Cessna 150 and four seat Cessna 172. Your instructor will help you choose which type will best suit your training.        

These same single engine aircraft are available to rent when you have completed your licence.
The minimum age to fly by yourself (solo) is 14, and there is no maximum age. Medical check ups are done with Transport Canada approved physicians, or your family doctor, depending on the permit or licence you are training for.

If you would like a taste of adventure, why not try an Introductory Flight Lesson? This includes about a 30 minute flight with you actually flying the aircraft, under the supervision of a Transport Canada rated flight instructor.         

Do something special for yourself today. Call or email for details on how you can get a different view on life - from the pilot's seat of an airplane!

Transport Canada requires a minimum of the following flight training experience:

Recreational Pilot Permit

25 hour Total Flight Training  including a minimum of 5 hours solo (flying by yourself)  and 15 hours dual (flying with an instructor).

Multiple choice theoretical written examination and a practical flight test. Both the written and practical tests may be taken at the school, with our own examiner.

The student must have a Category 4 aviation medical. This medical may be done with a family doctor and forms are available at the school.

Private Pilot Licence

The course requires a minimum of 45 hours of flight training, including 12 hours of solo and 17 hours of dual flight experience, and 40 hours of ground school.

Transport Canada exams include:

  • Private Pilot Written Test and Private Pilot Flight Test

  • Both the written and practical tests may be taken at the school, with our own examiner.

  • The student must have a Category 3 aviation medical which is done with a Transport Canada designated physician.

  • Lists of local doctors are available at the school.