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Multi engine and instrument flight training on our three Piper Seminole twin engine aircraft and two full motion Redbird FMX Flight Training Devices are the next big steps toward a career in aviation.

Cornwall Aviation has been in business for over 40 years, and graduates flying for airlines throughout Canada and worldwide, first experienced twin engine flying on these aircraft.

Experience is the key to flight training done efficiently, safely, and in the most cost effective manner.

Experience shows with hundreds of satisfied, successful customers and our many repeat clients, who travel to us from around the globe to renew their IFR ratings.  At Cornwall Aviation we never forget our students are customers and we aim to treat you fairly, and professionally.

This is what we have to offer the multi engine student:

Have you heard about students waiting for aircraft repairs, causing costly review flights?

Our five Piper Seminoles mean dispatch reliability, coordinated training and consistent learning. Aircraft maintenance is done by our own company engineers, who put school aircraft first. This means limited down time and less costly waiting for the student.

The Piper Seminole was designed as a multi engine trainer. With counter rotating props, it is an easy to fly, forgiving aircraft.

One of the most experienced Pilot Examiners in Canada today is Glenn French, our Chief Flight Instructor.   

Keeping radio/navigation equipment up to date is very costly but we have invested in our students and continuously upgrade equipment.
The IFR training aircraft are equipped with Garmin 430WAAS so you are learning with today's technology. We can simulate an ILS at Cornwall so the student can practice in a quiet training environment, to learn the skills without costly ATC delays. When the student is ready, they learn to work the busier airports, integrating their training in an efficient manner.

Students learn to use the Garmin radios in an integrated manner during training - there is no special fixed ground school fee.  At this school you are welcome to use them on the flight test!  

The Cornwall Regional Airport is a modern, up to date facility set near the St. Lawrence River, convenient to both Ottawa and Montreal. Our students do not experience costly the taxi and hold times, found at the major airports, and the practice area is close to the airport without expensive ferry time to begin multi engine training.

We schedule our customers to get in, get done, and get going. With our five Piper Seminoles, two Full Motion Redbird FMX (simulated full motion flight training devices), a friendly staff, and full time staff member who is a Pilot Examiner, we have one aim - safe, proficient flight training.